Indian Economy is currently growing at a rate of 7.7% annually.  There has been a decline in the economic growth due to various global factors like the crisis in Europe. Over the past one year the richie rich Indians have lost 20% of their wealth on an average. Anil Ambani has lost his wealth heavily as his […]

This is a guest post written by Mr. Mayank Gupta Mr. Sharma after reading newspaper and online material got to know the importance of buying insurance as it help family dependents to fulfil financial goals like child education and child marriage and retirement planning but he was still confused whether he should buy a term […]

Term Life Insurance & its importance

September 3, 2011

Of the many different types of life insurance available to consumers, term life insurance is generally regarded as the most inexpensive of the lot. In general, a life insurance policy pays a monetary benefit to the named beneficiary upon the death of the insured. If nothing unconditional happens to the insured person between the tenure […]

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SBI Gold Fund Details

August 27, 2011

SBI Gold Fund NFO is an open ended Fund of Fund (FOF) scheme that investspredominantly in units of SBI Gold Exchange Traded Scheme (SBI GETS). You can invest in SBI Gold Fund just like any other mutual fund scheme without the hassles of opening a Demat account. Similar to Reliance Gold Savings Fund & Kotak Gold […]

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Where do you see Sensex by the year end?

August 11, 2011

The tough times have come in once again! Is it a time to shop or is it a time to relax? This is a million dollar question itself I had started this poll on the blog last month “Where do you see the sensex by this year end?” It would be great if you could […]

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Notes on the current market scenario in India

August 11, 2011

Off Lately you may have started to hear the buzz word “Recession” again! US goes in crisis and it had to affect India.. India to me looks like a great markets where investing in Long term will pay me abnormal huge returns. Here are some notes from Mr. S. Naganath CIO of DSP BlackRock Mutual […]

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Review : Aegon Religare iMaximize

August 8, 2011

Aegon Religare iMaximize is an Online Unit Linked Insurance Product. ULIP’s are always preferred by the people who look out for a combination of Investment & Insurance. Few Salient features of iMaximize: No premium allocation charge, thus investing 100% of your premium. Option to choose from two investment portfolio strategies Special units from 12th policy year till […]

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Insurance & its importance in Financial Planning!

July 16, 2011

Insurance is one of the most crucial part of Risk Management. It’s the one which helps during crisis. Life Insurance is the key to good financial planning. On one hand, it safeguards your money and on the other, ensures its growth, thus providing you with complete financial well being. Life Insurance can be termed as […]

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Investogyan : Investing in SIP’s

July 11, 2011

SIP is one of the best way to indulge in disciplined savings. Well SIP’s though are a great way to invest but carry certain amount of risk which is associated with markets and the economy indirectly. So many people preffer the traditional Recurring Deposit over SIP’s. Firstly get familiar with the concept of SIP: A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a vehicle […]

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Planning Taxes is Yearly exercise and not a Year-end job.

July 8, 2011

Investments as a tax planning are of much importance as it has dual benefits of savings of taxes and generation of income. Many persons devote much time in evaluation various options while making general investment decisions which have no tax benefits and take hasty decisions at the year end to make investments to save taxes. […]

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