Financial Goals for 2013

by Chirag on December 31, 2012

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It’s been long since I wrote a blog post. By the time this post reaches out to you via. email it would be a New Year so wish you and your family a Very Happy & Prosperous New Year.

On the last day of this year 2012 I have listed down a few Financial Goals for this new year.

financial goals 2013

Financial Goals for 2013:

Goal 1 – Check your net worth. (I have created a tool which can help you check your net worth)

Goal 2 – Set budgets for the year. List down your monthly budget which can be of a great help. Writing down the budgets helps you in identifying where exactly your money is going.

Goal 3 – Stick to your budget. Don’t over spend. Writing down a budget is an easy task while implementing the same can be a difficult task.

Goal 4 – Avoid using credit cards. And if you use them remember to pay your dues on time, keep a reminder for the payment deadline. You can use your mobile phones or some online tool to remind you about the same.

Goal 5 – Review your emergency fund. If you haven’t built sufficient emergency fund start building it now. [Know why emergency fund is necessary in today’s life]

Goal 6 – Do your Tax Planning and pay your taxes on time.

Goal 7 – Review your insurance needs. Don’t be under-insured. A tool I have build can help you in identifying how much insurance do you actually need.

Goal 8 – Buy a term insurance plan if you have not yet bought it. Avoid investing in ULIP’s!! Use a combination of term plans and SIP’s…

Goal 9 – Start investing in SIP’s.. (Will soon write on the best mutual funds you can consider for 2013)

Goal 10 – Try and repay your debts. And also avoid taking any fresh debts.

Goal 11 – Try and save as much as you can. Check out my list on 5 ways to save money!

This year I will be writing more often as promised. 

Happy New Year to you once again :)

Do you have a Financial Goal which I have missed? Comment and share with others.. 

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