Indian Markets in last 10 years.

by Chirag on January 1, 2011

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Last 10 years were the most crucial where the economy and capital markets are concerned. World wide we had seen a sharp rise in market index!

We have seen people becoming super rich in this period. Guess how much returns Indian Markets must have delivered? Its over 400% returns in past 10 years.

India has outperformed BRIC nations where returns is concerned!

Global Market Returns 10 years | Image Source - Equity Masters

India with 420% odd returns Brazil gave a 350% odd returns while China gave 37% odd returns. Japan gave negative returns.

So the statistics say India is one of the Hot Spot destination for investments.

See what (BSE) Sensex has delivered in last 10 years :

SENSEX returns in last 10 Years | Image Source - Google Finance

The Bull run which started since 2003 peaked during starting of 2008 and had a huge fall due to US Subprime crisis (which was the main reason). The markets after testing new lows in 2009 gave awesome returns in 2010.

I strongly believe in Indian Markets and its future looks good! Whats your take on the future of Indian markets ? Do comment!

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