Indian Markets in last 10 years.

by Chirag on January 1, 2011

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Last 10 years were the most crucial where the economy and capital markets are concerned. World wide we had seen a sharp rise in market index!

We have seen people becoming super rich in this period. Guess how much returns Indian Markets must have delivered? Its over 400% returns in past 10 years.

India has outperformed BRIC nations where returns is concerned!

Global Market Returns 10 years | Image Source - Equity Masters

India with 420% odd returns Brazil gave a 350% odd returns while China gave 37% odd returns. Japan gave negative returns.

So the statistics say India is one of the Hot Spot destination for investments.

See what (BSE) Sensex has delivered in last 10 years :

SENSEX returns in last 10 Years | Image Source - Google Finance

The Bull run which started since 2003 peaked during starting of 2008 and had a huge fall due to US Subprime crisis (which was the main reason). The markets after testing new lows in 2009 gave awesome returns in 2010.

I strongly believe in Indian Markets and its future looks good! Whats your take on the future of Indian markets ? Do comment!

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1 Viral January 1, 2011


It is interesting to note the decade worth of returns for the Indian markets. What comes out strikingly well is that the returns provided by the Chinese markets is no where near to the dizzy gains provided by the Indian benchmark indices.

And, yeah.. Brazil also seems interesting in terms of returns provided. It has, in deed, emerged as a commodity-house of the globe.

2 chirag January 1, 2011

Yes China is far behind. Brazil is picking up at a good pace one of the best economy in Latin America…
Viral what’s your view on the markets 5 years from now ?

3 Bhavik January 1, 2011

Well I don’t subscribe to the view that long term investment always yields in a good return. Take example of Japan. During late 70s and early 80s it had fantastic growth. But later it fell down like anything. So people who couldn’t take out money got stucked. But I surely support the argument, the next bull market in India will be THE MOTHER of all bull market.

4 chirag January 1, 2011

Japan is one exceptions! But yes good stocks can yield you good returns during good economy!
I am eagerly waiting for one such big bull run!
Thanks for dropping by Bhavik!

5 khalid January 1, 2011

Indian Markets are due to make new highs in coming years and 30k of sensex is not for away as the Indian economy is increasing like anything and even in recession year of 2008 , India was uniquely stand firmly.

6 Chirag January 2, 2011

Yes agreed 2013 is when I think the 30K target will be achieved.
Indian economy did extremely well this decade.. Only the corruption ruined us!

7 Mayank Gupta May 19, 2011

I had a slight confusion over here. We have heard China growing at massive 9-10% per annum & India at 6-9% in the past 10 years. Then why China return only in 30-40%???

8 Chirag May 19, 2011

China’s index peaked some 6500 odd points now almost 35 – 40% down. (Not exact figures.)

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