Shree Ashtavinayak is it worth investing?

by Chirag on January 28, 2011

in Stocks

I am sure all investors must have heard about the movie “Dabbang” and “Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision”? The stock gave whooping 200% returns in 2 – 3 months, from Rs 18 levels it rallied up to Rs 50 odd levels.

Early September Shree Ashtavinayak released Dabaang, which turned out to be a hit. It set a record by grossing around Rs80 crore in the first week alone, which made it the highest grossing Bollywood film in 2010. It also did remarkable business overseas. Just because of this a 750 cr. company (market cap) became a Rs 2000 cr odd company (where market cap is concerned). What I conclude from this is Pure Operators Play!

The stock hit lower circuit form mid Novembers and from Rs 50 levels it came down as low till Rs 5, a 90% fall in price in less than 2 months!

The stock has now again caught the upper freeze since mid January 2011 and has give 33% odd returns since then and currently trading around Rs 8 levels.

Check out 1 year chart :

Image Source : Google Finance

So simply looking at the volatility the stock doesn’t look worth investing!

What’s your take on the same? Comment!

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1 Mansoor Nathani January 28, 2011

Shree Asthavinayaka Cine Vision Ltd is purely operator base screep and you must be noted down from here by my prediction, it would fall drastically around Rs. 1/- or under this. YOU JUST SEE, PICTURE ABHI BAKI HAI MERE DOSTO !!!! Just out of this stock right now or never !!!!!!!!!

2 Vishal January 28, 2011

Its i n the circuit, and you can’t buy it. But if available it’s a good buy for now.I don’t think that it will come down to Rs 1/-, well lets see what happens.

3 Smart Singh January 28, 2011

You are so right Chirag and Mansoor,
Its amazingly funny that a Rs. 50 stock falls to Rs. 4 AFTER it distributed a super-hit movie. Indian markets continue to amuse me.
I remember that my phone was flooded with tips about Shree Ashtavinayak stock when ‘Blue’ was about to be released. I strongly felt like shorting the stock at that time. Should have listened to my intuition :)

4 Chirag January 28, 2011

@Mansoor & @Smart : In simple words I describe this stock as “Punters Script”!

5 Grover January 29, 2011

Full faltu share this is. my friend buy this share at 45 now just 8rs.

6 Phawan Upadyay February 17, 2011

he he he, I bougt at Rs 6.50, 600 shares. let see the remaining game.

7 Chirag February 17, 2011

You at least bought at bottom.. People have bought it at 45 levels. Crazzy… :)

8 kumar March 5, 2011

Shree Ashtavinayak has some good movies to be released in 2011 , Rockstar, Runbhoal run, Bol Bachchan.. etc.. Stock will bounce back to above 20 this year, Next year Golmal 4 and others big movies are planned.. will go above 50 in 2012.

9 raj March 5, 2011

Hey, don’t worry man..soon it will cross 10…it will not go below 4….i have taken 500 shares at 5.95 Rs….

10 vikash May 12, 2011

hey friends you buy asthavinayak at 30, 45, 47 or 50 don’t worry about level. it’s like sea waves in the ocean. when tide is come you see its play above 55 in 2011, newly superhit movies like rockstar, runbholarun, bolbacchan. comming soon. in 2011. so, dont wory buy this stock as much as u can. it will definetly goes above level of 55 in this year. have a nice investment.

11 Chirag May 12, 2011

Without any fundamentals? I dont think so. Unless and until its an operator game!

12 vikash May 13, 2011

hey chirag i thing you buy this stock above 35 ? dont worry. i promice you if you hold till december its show miracle. you see its 55 levals.

13 vikash May 13, 2011

i agree with you chirag its operator game. but dont worry. operator have also want to book profit at high level. in asthavinayak. so wait and watch their game. i give your a terget of 55 in this year.

14 Shree May 19, 2011

Dear All,

Please note – Good buying at below Rs. 10/- & hold it at least for 6 months definately it will give returns at level of Rs. 50/- to 65/- between.
Don’t worry if you have already buy this stock in between above figures .

15 moin July 1, 2011

i bought 20000 at rs 4…….is it a gud investment..or shd i sell????

16 Jignesh July 8, 2011

I want t0 buy shree ashtavinayak stock in bulk,the rate is 5 rupees,please suggest….

17 sachin October 7, 2011

Jignesh..but at current rate….decide target 3times…15-20 within 6 months. i have bought also

18 sachin October 7, 2011 at current rate….decide target 3times…15-20 within 6 months. i have bought also

19 Sarvesh July 29, 2011

Very good share.

20 Chirag August 1, 2011

Glad you liked it! Thanks for Dropping a comment by :)

21 Sukhi August 2, 2011

Nice post Chirag.
One needs to be extra cautious when investing in such penny stocks.
Journey from Rs 50 to Rs 5 😛

22 manoj October 31, 2011

hi , shr wl shot up to rs.11/-

23 raj December 20, 2011

Hey It is now under 4.. Will it go below 1..I think it is operator based stock…..paise lagao aur bhul jao matka lag ato laga…….nahi to zatka laga……

24 kamlesh December 27, 2011

they are very poor and dangers stock because i have 20000 buy in 8 rupess 1 years ago

25 Satish koushik February 2, 2012

Yeh stock iss saal kuch nhi dega.Chahe jitna mrji zor lga lo.Yeh duniya ka sbse gnda share hai.

26 jack March 5, 2012

there is one way to decrease loss by investing,if some one have baught the share at rupees 8,but now the share is trading at rs 3.90,if u have 1000 share at rs 8,then u want to sell at rs 8,but if u will by 1000 more shares at rs 3.90,then the average price for 2000 shares will be 5.95,now u dont have to wait much.when the price reaches to 5.95 ,u can sell and get out of it.the sell price can be decreased by buying more number of shares at low price………… every body knows that 5.95 target can be achieved easily by shreeashta……

27 Chirag March 7, 2012

Well Jack its an equity without any fundamentals as seen in its journey from Rs 10 to Rs 50!

Though it should cross Rs 6 and settle some where near 8 to 9 rs that what we at investologic feel!

28 DR PRAMOD KUCHEKAR April 9, 2012

I am investing in this script since it was Rs 7.o.Prsently after averaging I have brought my buying price to Rs. 4.12.I hope there will be a jerk in two months,upto Rs.5.This is my guess .But i feel ,this is punters script surely

29 Chirag April 16, 2012

Well yes it’s all on luck!

30 T Ramanaiah April 13, 2012

how many months that it ill take to cross Rs.10

31 Chirag April 16, 2012

Fundamentally it should have. Technicals are providing with no signals.

32 Amit April 15, 2012

i want to buy this share @ 1 per share , how long i have to wait……..

33 jack April 19, 2012

just wait for one more movie release………..hehehe

34 hackertruth April 16, 2012

This stock is an adventurous and exciting stock. May go anywhere at anytime. NOT RECOMMENDED for Children, Heart Patients & Pregnant Ladies.

35 Ashish Jain April 28, 2012

Pls……….do something pls……….

36 sagar June 14, 2012

shree ashtvinayak share is now at Rs.4 so…… is it worthwhile to buy?

37 praveen singh July 2, 2012

shree ashtvinayak film if hit goes to above rs 50

38 mannu July 24, 2012

even after BOL Bachan hit the screen, this stock is losing its share value, why ????????

39 Abhi July 4, 2012


What is the expectation from bol bachaan movie, Is it will be hit in boxoffice and what will be the value of share after this movie release ? any idea

40 tanu July 6, 2012

mre pass 13 se 25000 shree hai to ab me kya karo ,pls tell me ,

41 Manav July 23, 2012

Bol bacchan has grossed close to Rs 100 Crores but stocks of Shree Ashtavinayak are still loosing !!
Why is that?

42 Pankaj July 23, 2012

which movie is next after disaster of Bol bachan….is there any ray of blue..

43 Rajesh August 29, 2012

I have 10,000 shares of shree Ashtavinayak cine vision Ltd. @ 3.90/- from last one year appx. what should I do hold or sell? Pls. advice.

44 Chirag August 29, 2012

I would say wait and watch.

45 jitender October 29, 2012

i hav 1 lac sare @ Rs. 6 and i want to known that Bol bacchan has grossed close to Rs 100 Crores but stocks of Shree Ashtavinayak are still loosing !! why ?

46 Ganesh February 27, 2013

Guess its a really funny game played by Agree Ashtavinayak. I bought 1k shares at about rs 6 each prior to the release of Rockstar , now its around 1.95 . Any chances that it might cone between 1-1.5 so that I can buy it in bulk and let Golmaal 4 do the magic?

47 Ganesh February 27, 2013

My bad . shree ashtavinayak.

48 DR.PRAMOD June 9, 2013

Chirag , why is this stock badly?I heard that Reliance comm. will be taking it.Ihave
plenty of shares. what to do

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